Thursday, March 19, 2009


Uggh..I was so depressed and stressed and everything lah on this earth..Damn..I hate the boys at my school.They are suck.Can they left me alone and be who I want to be..cause I really hate you guys.Sape kowrank nk atur2 hidup aku.Ni diri aku..suka hati akulah nk hidup camane pn.It's not that you're gonna die if I did it like this or like that.What's your problem, actually.Did I did anything wrong?As far as I know..I tried and tried not to care about you, boys! but what did I get??I think it's just a waste of time..dahlah...aku malas cari pasal key....please lah..dhlah diz year nak PMR..sdr sket..plzzz

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