Friday, November 13, 2009

Things to do after PMR I am officially at home now.And not to forget, Nazrin thanks for following my blog.LOL..though, I'm not as good as you and congratulations for all your achievements.Its a standing ovation looking you taking those award.Anyway since I am now at home, I was extremely and deathly bored.At the same time I'm also excited for some reasons! huhu.No need to tell you that I'm still thinking what do I want to do to kill my time during this long holidays.Still need time to think...~huh...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I should had known that our batch ended like I can tell them to stop and just tell the teachers.Basicly, I'm sad about all of this.TEACHERS! THIS WAS ALL NOT OUR FAULT! PLEASE.....DO HEAR US! The form 2 are all BITCHES! Just go and we can live in peace...I HATE ALL FORM 2! Ape arr kowank ni...gua benci arrh camnih.Pegi mampos dowh...senang idoOp kTeranG...KowanK ni SiAL tau X...SIAL! BoDo camTuh...wEi..kOraNk kLau iDoOp nyUsah kan Org...ApEsAl x MaMpOoS je??kan SenaNg...koRank jgn PaSan k...klau x PuaS idOop...gUa bLeh tLg maMpOoSkan..Nak??Wei..Gua tAu kOwRank ank owg KAYA...tapi Gua mau warN saMa lu....maK bAPaK lu yG kAyE..Lu..kaLau SaTu aRie nNty da aBis sUme hArtE tu...tP bOdOh cam SiaL x Gne gAk...MereMpat lah jwbnye...mAse tu, gUa akn GelAkkAn lu sMpAi gUa puas k.WeI, MaMpOos lA SIAL! SIAL...kecik2 x naK mAmPoOs bEsaR2 pRaNgAi sebIjIk cAm bInaTg yg bwe wbk H1N1! HuH!