Sunday, October 18, 2009

First Post basicly this is my first post afta PMR...well about the PMR...they were not bad...Yeah..not bad after all.Haha.After all the things..still can't believe that the PMR was now OVER and won't COME BACK! wuhhuu! So wat to do after this is, well I got 3 weeks of MIGTY, that stands for Mara Intergrated Gifted and Talented Youth programme and will be back home..and REST. I wish I could learn to play the guitar.Yeah I have one at home but don't know how to play it.Sad..isn't?haha.and so my mum asked me to learn driving.Crazy??Nope...really want too...haha.Auto car is not that hard though.And also..I got a list of Korean movies to watch.Haha.Now, watching Sad Love Song.Good story..yeah.Almost forget about my novel..gotta finish that too.Want to start on a new one, better one than Farah and Ikhmal love story..:P.LOL...I want to find names for the characters..coz I though I want to make it much like there are is the girl bf..and he's gone.No one knows that he had a one day he went to find the bring her to his parents..wasiat..segale2nya lah..and they fall in love..haha..:)..juz wait..