Thursday, March 19, 2009

Balik skewl n pg Serting...best2

HuHUE.....tomorrow I'll be back to ma skewl and won't be in class for one weeks because I'll go for the Program Usahawan Muda Konvensyen at MRSM Serting!! Cnnot wait to get there..but I'll missed everything in the net..I'll mis Demi, Jonas Brothers, Another Cinderella Story that I just started watch, We the Kings...Panic At the Disco (I haven't heard them for so, MCR (did I mention..they became less attractive to me?)..and for sure I WANT TO BE IN CLASS AND STUDY FOR PMR!!!! Praise me please..praise me please...Lol...oh yah...I'll missed someone too...daa...I friend..don't misunderstand, okay.

My gang...drool and roll till cold! haha
Djah-ur sweet frenz..know ma feelin..thnx..I dunno how life without u..
Tim-u laugh at all my jokes...u make me laugh eventhough I'm not in a good mood...luv u gurl!
Balqis- we shared something great..remember?
P-ja- I wanna be like our old time...missed that time damn much...happy eva after with tht boy.k
Sha-Thx for accompany me fetching our bus home..though you alwys left me in the middle of the journey (coz ur house at psr mas and me tnh merah!)..hopefully we can find that cute boy again..haha
Farah- bowdak pelik yg comel..Farah bek..sorry..I borrowed ur highlite 2 years ago and never give it back....but..dh gnti kan?
Sue- We are twins..same burfday..but me a few minutes older than yah..Sue thnx..I know ur feeling when the girl took the boy u like.It happened to me all da time
Raihanah- Bdk Korea...we shared our stories..always..I like Yoo Rin!
Linda-emm Choral Speaking rules..ryte!!!...sorry I resigned...pnt lorh..Bahas lagik..pidato lagik..mak cik dh pnt!huhu
Puteri-Puteri comel!...huhu..dh tinggi lorh..x aci!!
Rubi-nk dgr Rubi sings dikir barat..I like the pic!huhu

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