Monday, January 26, 2009

School sucks!!

As I go through my cousin's blog,(Fatin)..she mentioned that school sucks.For me...I TOTALLY agree with her...and I'm staying in a boarding school! It's more suck than the daily school.Really sucks guys!I don't know what else to do there except study,study and more study.The rules there made me mad!uggh.....enough babbling..I have to go...I need too go to HEAVEN!!See yah..I wanna go and watch some eps of Jesse Mccartney before back to the jail...daa!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Let The Love Begins..

Yeah..since Imma at home all time work is watching da tv,playing da comp and music (oh yeah..I left homework..did I say to you all that I just did it rite now?).So this about a Philliphines movie I just saw today at Astro Kirana.The tajuk says, "Let the Love Begins" yeah the movie is really-really good.I love them all (and yeah..especially the hero in the movie) although the heroine look a bit old for the hero but the movie is very2 romantik la! So the hero is..well for those who really-really knows and like Philliphines movies and might know this boy! Richard Gutierrez ('s a lil harder to spell his name) He's really cute!

Maybe the reason I made this blog just because of him.To babbling know I like talkin a lots!Well what I can say is..I think he's the Asian Jesse McCartney.They look alike alots!And I really-really like diz two guys!!!

This is Richard Gutierrez and this is my loveable Jesse Mccartney...luv emm!

A Hope For The Year

I just hope I'll get 8A's for my's gonna be a year full of stressfull yelarh....manusia ni...can't they just shut their fucking mouth shut! We know and we are gonna do it elok2..not just play wit it...We know we have to beat the fuckable sis and bro's and bt mrsm neyh dpt no 1 in the senarai of all mrsm's...duh...and why they have the pra form 4 here..can't they just go from showing their damn face here.....I know u guys got 8A's n so whatever...don't do the school like it's your tok nenek pnye skewl okay!! guys just the 'ex' of MRSM Pee Tee...soo..don't over perasan...

Oh yeah...about homework..I have like tons!! of them and it's once again..stressfull.In a months or two the teacher's will starts giving us tuition and more and life will be more good if we are in jail! I don't even have time to socialize with my friends..and yeah..I wanna bring muh phone to school!!! Wtf!! can't we bring our Mp4 here??Ugh...the teachers are really2 need us to teach them on how's life without tv's,computer's(though there some in the library, but they are fuckingly slow!Feelin like sleeping to wait them surf into sumtink),music and such.They are bored!!Hear we say..BORED!!