Friday, January 22, 2010

Masuk Paper...Umm

Nampak tak gambar tu? Nampak tak aku? Umm..gambar ni diambil pada hari Ahad 17/1/2010.Gambar macam ni jugak yang dimasukkan dalam berita harian edisi timur hari Rabu lepas.
Bangga betol aku.
Tapi, tak lama lagi aku akn tingglkan gak maktab tu.
Aku kne pgi jaoh.
Terpisah ngan kawan2.
Kecut perut.
Semua ada.
I love you syunk...


Wah...kepaleku pening memikirkannya.I lost my breath.Aku tak tahu nak cakap ape lagi.Sebenarnye aku tak ader motif pun tulis post ni....saje-saje borim di petang hari.Kedit telefon pon xDaK!whoa....I was on Hex all day! And then, I saw this random burst by a guy, he said, 'The hardest thing in life is to watch the one you love, love somebody else' Whoa he is absolutely true.I like that quote.He was like, writing the feelings that anybody in this world feeling.

Hari Khamis hari tu, kiteorang ade sesi memujuk on KiKa and then, Cikgu Nakman pasang lagu Realku Pujuk by Spider and asked us to sing along.Then at that time, Tim was beside me.Dia pandang kat aku, and then she said,"Orang yang bertepuk sebelah tangan macam aku je tahu perasaan ni," she smiled.Aku pun nod,"Same je Tim," and then we laughed.

Pagi tadi, pagi2 bute lagi ade orang call.Aku x angkat and then dekat pukul sebelas lebih dy kol smule.Aku angkat.

Aku:Hello?Sape ni? (suare serak)
Org tu:Eh, Najwa.Aku ni (did he expect me to know him?)
Org tu:Najwa, biler mu nak ambik nye?
Aku:Ambik ape?
Org tu:Kan haritu mu suruh aku beli souvenier aku ade beli keychain ni
Aku: OoO (aku ingat dy Syed Adib coz dy janji nk bli souvenier kat aq)
eh..bolehlah nanti aku ambik.
Org tu:Mu nak gape lagi? Aku ade banyak ni
Aku:Eh..aku xkesahlah ape2 pn
Org tu:Aku ade beli tudung ke mu.Nak tak?
Aku:Isk..aku x kesah
Org tu:Abis tu bile mu nak ambiknyer?
Aku:Ari Ahad ni lah.
Org tu:Kat mane?
Aku: Kat dewan mase pagi, boleh?
Org tu:Okey.So kite jumpe kat dewan mase pagi lah ekk.
Org dapat MRSM mane?
Aku:(hairan cause aq rase syed adib tau aq dpt mrsm mane)
Org:Wah, bleh lah mu bli coklat Daim kat aq sesupik.
Aku:Laugh.Boleh.Tapi aku kne g dlu.
Org tu:Laugh gak.Ehh kite jumpe kat dewan nanti lah ekk.
Ptg tu aq on kat fb, then aq nmpk syed on.Aku pn ckp kat dy, weyh jmpe mse rehat lah deh, aku msk dewan awal.But dy kehairanan, dy kate dy x kol pun aku.Abis tu yang pagi td tu sape?Pelik2....Uwa!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


'These violent delights have violent ends,
and in their triumph die,like fire and powder.
And if they kiss.Consume.'
-Romeo and Juliet-
I love this quote.
Yeah.I mean, I don't read Romeo and Juliet
cause its hard to find the book here.
But I found those
in New Moon.
At first, its like, mean
Cause, Shakespere quote is hard to
Then, I read the Malay version
of the book,
and I was like..
this quote is..AH-MaZinG!
And I began to love Shakespeare.
And about all the things about him and his books


"Here's a song for the nights
I think too much and
Here's a song when I imagine us together
Here's a song for when we talk too much
And I forget my words

Heaven can wait up high in the sky
It's you and I
Heaven can wait deep down in your eyes
I'm yours tonight
Lay your heart next to mine
I feel so alive
Tell me you want me to stay, forever
'Cause heaven can wait

Here's a song for the one who stole my heart
And ran so far that cupid couldn't catch her
Here's a song for the kid who aims so high
He shot her down

Heaven can wait up high in the sky
It's you and I
Heaven can wait deep down in your eyes
I'm yours tonight
Lay your heart next to mine
I feel so alive
Tell me you want me to stay forever
'Cause heaven can wait

Here's a song for the nights I drink too much
And spill my words

Heaven can wait up high in the sky
It's you and I
Heaven can wait deep down in your eyes
I'm yours tonight
Lay your heart next to mine
I feel so alive
Tell me you want me to stay forever
'Cause heaven can wait

'Cause heaven can wait
'Cause heaven can wait"

CaUsE hEaVeN cAn WaIt!
I dunno what to do anymore
or even what to think.
All I have to do now
is just pray
Life can't be this hard if I'm a kid.
It's not a really great start
for my 16.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Ageing! OMG

HaPpY BiRthDay!! To me and myself..Duh..I hate being ageing.Not a so good day today.Something bugging my head.I felt like my head are going to burst.Saket!Ouch!
Uggh...KIKA...I wish I didn't have to attend that.
Bored like hell..uggh.
Okay..enuth bout that..
now it's about..
OMG..I wish I didn't.
Just a plain day today.Not much to do.
Went to my sis school to pay her a visit which was mostly DULL
and BORINK...
What else?OmG..I dunno what to say about that.And yeah
we celebrated my birthday at the school..
pulak tu tepi the damn ASPURA.
Great.Uggh.We had few pictures..I don't have any mood to upload it here.
So..just wait.LOL

Monday, January 4, 2010

Randomness.....uwahh..this is about my randomness...My new hearthrob!!!! TAYLOR LAUTNER!

I really2 love him! Uwaa! huhu...I want to watch the SNL he is hosting, but apparently, Malaysian TV doesn't include that.Even Astro! Uggh...anyway..he's cute! And I will add another picture of his movie he is starring now with Taylor Swift ( ): too bad they broke up)..Valentine's Day!

In cinema 12 February 2010!

Quizzes | TeenNick — What's Your Mistletoe Make-Out? — Results

Quizzes TeenNick — What's Your Mistletoe Make-Out? — Results: "Your lips are the life of the party.
You're at a holiday party, feeling tempted to leave, because aside from the well-stocked snack table, the whole thing's kind of lame. As you nibble the limbs off a gingerbread cookie, a supercute person you've never seen before emerges from the kitchen sipping a steaming mug of cocoa. The cocoa-drinking cutie pauses next to you, and absentmindedly sets the mug down. Right away, a girl in a sparkly red dress shouts, 'Haha, mistletoe!' and points at the branch hanging from the ceiling above your heads. 'You have to kiss,' sparkle-dress girl says, 'It's the law.'

You figure, 'Oh, why not? I'll probably never see this cocoa-drinking stranger again,' and go for it. The moment your lips touch, it's like life switches to slow motion, and you realize you DEFINITELY want to see Cocoa Drinker again. Around you, the speakers are pounding, the holiday lights are twinkling, and someone is already posting photos of your mistletoe make-out session to Facebook, but you're too captivated by the kiss to notice. As the sweet, warm tastes of cocoa and gingerbread mingle on your tongue, and Cocoa Drinker's warm arms pull you closer, you say a silent thank you to the mistletoe gods for not letting you leave the party early. Caught up in the holiday miracle of Cocoa Drinker's perfect lips, you're pretty sure you want to stick around."


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Russian Roulette

Take a breath,take it deep
Calm yourself, he says to me
if you play, you play to keep
Take a gun and count to three
I'm sweating now,moving slow
No time to think, my turn to go

And you can see my heart beating
You can see it through my chest
And I'm terrified but I'm not leaving
Know that I must pass this test
So just pull the trigger

Say a prayer to yourself
He says close your eyes
Sometimes it helps
And I got a scary thought
That he's here means he's never lost


As my life flashes before my eyes
I'm wondering will I ever see another sunrise?
So many won't get the chance to say goodbye
But it's too late to pick up the value in my life


Wah..penat aku menaip lagu ni.Since tak boleh nak copy and paste dlam blog niey.I heard this songs many times in the radio, but not even want to care what are the right lyrics and what are the meaning that hide behind this song.So, just now, I'm browsing thru YouTube, and I tried to find some good songs, either than just hearing Taylor Swift's (my obsession!).So I found this song.To my veins, this song means a lot to me.

When you go through the lyrics, it says just like, when you live a life, just values them.Never ever done things that you'll regret over that.And then when you are almost die, just don't regret it.That's what I think.

Sad song to me, especially with Rihanna's voice like this.

For all the things.... to anybody yang think, why does this girl always using green in her post, well that's because I like GREEN.Really.Actually, there's someone who makes me change my perspective towards this awesome colour.Haha..Nvm about who's tht person.You might not know em.

Umm..bagi aku warne ni nmpk comel.Comel biler dipakai.huhu..anyway.Let's not care about green anymore.So since, aku kne pergi maktab 5hb ni, aq rase teramat2 malas.Uggh.No way.Nope.haha.Umm..resolution for this new year? Banyak..banyak sangat sampai tak terkire dengan tangan.haha.Macam-macam yg aq nak..well people always said, it's not wrong to dream, right? Klau takde angan2 takdelah kejayaan..towl tak.huhu.Ntah ape2 yang aq dok babbling sensorang ni.Ntah2 takde org bace pown.haha

Oww...tadi aq browse satu blog..uggh..dat GUY who wrote in his DAMN SHIT blog (sorry for that) is so ANNOYING!Blog dy pown annoying, dahlah tulisan BESAR-BESAR.Membebel ntah ape2 ntah.Dy tu tak puas hati about almost everything in this world.And ade ke patut, tulis 'benda murah-murah ni, my family x pakailah.No class.We just buy things 1000 and above..' What?? If you are too rich, don't even tell us, don't even tell us how you buy things.Bagi aku, kiter nie x perlulah menunjuk-nunjuk things that we have, even we are billionaires pown.Huh..aku x pernah jumpe LELAKI se-annoying dy niey.Ugggh.. nothing more about this damn guy.Aq rse kne chiaow dlu....haha..bye2