Saturday, March 28, 2009

Emo can't think of anything rite than love!

As I go through my oldies blog in Myspace...I found this one..I knew it meant a lot to me so I stick em' I won't neglecting what love is..eventhough it says that emo love

What is EMO Love?
..Emo love is leaving each other notes on skull and crossbones notebook paper.

emo love is having your hoodie collection double overnight...
... and getting to wear one that smells like the person you love.

Emo love is helping each other dye your hair when your roots get too long.

Emo love is not being afraid to share the same eyeliner pencil.

Emo love is absent-mindedly painting your love's toenails black while watching horror movies.

Emo love is driving around in the middle of the night, blasting Say Anything...
...and ending up at a diner sharing a plate of eggs and toast.

Emo love is fighting each other for a bit more of the Jack Skellington bed comforter.

Emo love is knitting a scarf in your love's favorite color...
...and giving it to him/her for no real reason.

Emo love is holding hands while watching your favorite band play live.

Emo love is not being afraid to cry in front of the person you love.

Emo love is having a special ringtone on your phone just for your love.

Emo love is giving the person you love a copy of your favorite book with highlighted phrases and dog-eared pages.

Emo love is sharing your iPod headphones while you're sitting at the laundromat together.

Emo love is gay, straight, or bisexual.

Emo love is special...
...but then again, what love isn't?

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