Thursday, March 19, 2009

How Do You Sleep-Jesse McCartney ft Ludacris

As I checked You Tube just now, I saw the brand new video of How Do You Sleep jmac..The video was so hot!! lol...When I saw it I was just like OMG! The girls there was very lucky..what??he was the hottest guy lived! I bettcha go and check the vid.Here, I take some information from the net on him and his new video..daa

Jesse McCartney and Luda. The official music video for "How Do You Sleep?" Departure : Recharged in stores April 7, 2009 includes How Do You Sleep featuring Ludacris plus 4 new songs and all new photos!
"How Do You Sleep?" is the third single from pop singer Jesse McCartney's third studio album, "Departure".
McCartney said the following about collaborating with Ludacris: "I've been a fan of Luda's throughout his career and having him on this track was an amazing honor. He's innovative across the board and always brings the freshest lyrics to any track."
The video, guest-starring Sean Garrett and also Ludacris, captures Jesse driving his car through "the desert at high speeds, like 80, 90 mph, jumping in and out of cars, talking to different girls." "You have the Ludacris element, with me car-surfing on the hood on one of these old-school cars," Jesse previously told MTV during the shooting of the video. "And I said, 'As long as you have one of those old-school cars and big-ass chains in a video, I'm down.' ... What else do you want in a video?" Ludacris jokingly added, "Old-school cars, big-ass chains and hot women ... that's it! You don't need an explanation to that."

...they have it all in the music video and I was like..JESSE MAKIN STUNTS!! I hope I knew how to put video here, cause I never realise that I don't know how to do dat!! Anyway...I'll give you the link so it's easy for you . Yeah I had his fully albums in my Mp4....and yet..his fans..dun forget to buy his Departure-Recharged out April 7, 2009....includes his new HOT photos!!

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