Monday, January 4, 2010

Quizzes | TeenNick — What's Your Mistletoe Make-Out? — Results

Quizzes TeenNick — What's Your Mistletoe Make-Out? — Results: "Your lips are the life of the party.
You're at a holiday party, feeling tempted to leave, because aside from the well-stocked snack table, the whole thing's kind of lame. As you nibble the limbs off a gingerbread cookie, a supercute person you've never seen before emerges from the kitchen sipping a steaming mug of cocoa. The cocoa-drinking cutie pauses next to you, and absentmindedly sets the mug down. Right away, a girl in a sparkly red dress shouts, 'Haha, mistletoe!' and points at the branch hanging from the ceiling above your heads. 'You have to kiss,' sparkle-dress girl says, 'It's the law.'

You figure, 'Oh, why not? I'll probably never see this cocoa-drinking stranger again,' and go for it. The moment your lips touch, it's like life switches to slow motion, and you realize you DEFINITELY want to see Cocoa Drinker again. Around you, the speakers are pounding, the holiday lights are twinkling, and someone is already posting photos of your mistletoe make-out session to Facebook, but you're too captivated by the kiss to notice. As the sweet, warm tastes of cocoa and gingerbread mingle on your tongue, and Cocoa Drinker's warm arms pull you closer, you say a silent thank you to the mistletoe gods for not letting you leave the party early. Caught up in the holiday miracle of Cocoa Drinker's perfect lips, you're pretty sure you want to stick around."


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