Saturday, January 2, 2010

For all the things.... to anybody yang think, why does this girl always using green in her post, well that's because I like GREEN.Really.Actually, there's someone who makes me change my perspective towards this awesome colour.Haha..Nvm about who's tht person.You might not know em.

Umm..bagi aku warne ni nmpk comel.Comel biler dipakai.huhu..anyway.Let's not care about green anymore.So since, aku kne pergi maktab 5hb ni, aq rase teramat2 malas.Uggh.No way.Nope.haha.Umm..resolution for this new year? Banyak..banyak sangat sampai tak terkire dengan tangan.haha.Macam-macam yg aq nak..well people always said, it's not wrong to dream, right? Klau takde angan2 takdelah kejayaan..towl tak.huhu.Ntah ape2 yang aq dok babbling sensorang ni.Ntah2 takde org bace pown.haha

Oww...tadi aq browse satu blog..uggh..dat GUY who wrote in his DAMN SHIT blog (sorry for that) is so ANNOYING!Blog dy pown annoying, dahlah tulisan BESAR-BESAR.Membebel ntah ape2 ntah.Dy tu tak puas hati about almost everything in this world.And ade ke patut, tulis 'benda murah-murah ni, my family x pakailah.No class.We just buy things 1000 and above..' What?? If you are too rich, don't even tell us, don't even tell us how you buy things.Bagi aku, kiter nie x perlulah menunjuk-nunjuk things that we have, even we are billionaires pown.Huh..aku x pernah jumpe LELAKI se-annoying dy niey.Ugggh.. nothing more about this damn guy.Aq rse kne chiaow dlu....haha..bye2

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