Friday, January 15, 2010

Ageing! OMG

HaPpY BiRthDay!! To me and myself..Duh..I hate being ageing.Not a so good day today.Something bugging my head.I felt like my head are going to burst.Saket!Ouch!
Uggh...KIKA...I wish I didn't have to attend that.
Bored like hell..uggh.
Okay..enuth bout that..
now it's about..
OMG..I wish I didn't.
Just a plain day today.Not much to do.
Went to my sis school to pay her a visit which was mostly DULL
and BORINK...
What else?OmG..I dunno what to say about that.And yeah
we celebrated my birthday at the school..
pulak tu tepi the damn ASPURA.
Great.Uggh.We had few pictures..I don't have any mood to upload it here.
So..just wait.LOL

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