Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Illuminati and Us....

H1N1 do comes again here, especially I am studying in the middle of an island where tourists from all over the world comes and go.But today, I won't talk about H1N1 or that,its things bigger than that, bigger than everything that everybody will tend to expect, and I was glad that I can write this today, though, I know I couldn't really give each and everyone of you enough information about the topic today.

Illuminati.The first question that comes to your mind must be, what actually is the illuminati?Illuminati is basicly a group of wealthiest people, I don't really know what their origins are, that now trying to conquer the world using their own agenda.Conquer the world is not just by politics, but by everything, cultures,economy and most of all, their biggest aim is to create a world without RELIGION.

Now, everywhere you go, try and look around you.We can see illuminati symbols everywhere.Do you saw Avatar, and really get the hidden message? Do you notice the message in the poster? Do you notice that they never put picture of Pandora with both of his eyes on the poster? Eventually, the main illuminati symbol is a pyramid with an eyes at the top.You can search it on the Internet, I promise that I'll add some pictures of them.

The founders who owns this group basicly have many aims to achieve.I remember a few such as, by 2154, there are only 50000 people exists in the world, not going up nor down, which all of them will become an atheis, they don't believe in god.Reliase it or not, the year 2154 is far away, but now, in the 2010, you can really see that they are really doing a nice job.You can see movies with the symbols,songs playing backwards sounding like they are praising the Syaitan, music videos...etc.I can give you the examples of movies,umm...let's say Terminator, Lara Croft,Avatar...and many more.

What I really want to say now is, these things do affects me but I do believe if our inner strength and our believe in Islam is STRONG they can never reach our soul.Allah is always there with Muslims.No doubt, I'm really-really not perfect in religion, but as I said if we have strong belief, Allah will protect us.

What do you think?

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