Saturday, January 24, 2009

Let The Love Begins..

Yeah..since Imma at home all time work is watching da tv,playing da comp and music (oh yeah..I left homework..did I say to you all that I just did it rite now?).So this about a Philliphines movie I just saw today at Astro Kirana.The tajuk says, "Let the Love Begins" yeah the movie is really-really good.I love them all (and yeah..especially the hero in the movie) although the heroine look a bit old for the hero but the movie is very2 romantik la! So the hero is..well for those who really-really knows and like Philliphines movies and might know this boy! Richard Gutierrez ('s a lil harder to spell his name) He's really cute!

Maybe the reason I made this blog just because of him.To babbling know I like talkin a lots!Well what I can say is..I think he's the Asian Jesse McCartney.They look alike alots!And I really-really like diz two guys!!!

This is Richard Gutierrez and this is my loveable Jesse Mccartney...luv emm!

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