Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Hope For The Year

I just hope I'll get 8A's for my's gonna be a year full of stressfull yelarh....manusia ni...can't they just shut their fucking mouth shut! We know and we are gonna do it elok2..not just play wit it...We know we have to beat the fuckable sis and bro's and bt mrsm neyh dpt no 1 in the senarai of all mrsm's...duh...and why they have the pra form 4 here..can't they just go from showing their damn face here.....I know u guys got 8A's n so whatever...don't do the school like it's your tok nenek pnye skewl okay!! guys just the 'ex' of MRSM Pee Tee...soo..don't over perasan...

Oh yeah...about homework..I have like tons!! of them and it's once again..stressfull.In a months or two the teacher's will starts giving us tuition and more and life will be more good if we are in jail! I don't even have time to socialize with my friends..and yeah..I wanna bring muh phone to school!!! Wtf!! can't we bring our Mp4 here??Ugh...the teachers are really2 need us to teach them on how's life without tv's,computer's(though there some in the library, but they are fuckingly slow!Feelin like sleeping to wait them surf into sumtink),music and such.They are bored!!Hear we say..BORED!!

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