Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Where's my result??Oh yeah..the Jonas Brothers took them from me!!

Wait...where did my result go!It still don't arrived at my house...OMG..I'm just too afraid!

Oh..yeah..I overheard my doctor said that I have a disease! What! Oh no! You wanna know he said that I have the CODJB.....meaning..Crazy Obsessation Disease on Jonas Brothers..haha!! Okay I like them not bcuz of their appearence okay! I luv them coz they are gud.I love SOS so much and now I'm hearing the Lovebug song.....umm..here's the vids 4 u guys to enjoy!


I also pity at Nick..he had Diabetes..but he's a strong person and he said that the disease will never slow him down.I LOVE YOU, NICK! Mmuah!

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